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 September 22, 2007    Publisher: LLC       Combined Circulation 80,000 monthly         Volume 1, Number 42

From Shaub, to Totaro, to Lancaster Newspapers
Connect the Dots!

In a law suit against the County of Lancaster and Commissioners Richard Shellenberger, Molly Henderson, and Pete Shaub, former Lancaster County Human Services Administrator Gary Heinke expresses his outrage at his mistreatment by former Commissioner Shaub and the �lies� perpetrated by the Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

Among accusations against Shaub, Heinke relates: 1) Shaub demeaned and humiliated him at public meetings; 2) harassed him by telephone day and night, including weekends; 3) blackmailed him on his annual evaluation; 4) threatened him physically; 5) piled more work and more projects onto him, and shortened his deadlines; 6) demanded that he illegally assist Shaub in getting re-elected; and 7) demanded that Heinke assist him in undermining Shellenberger
by organizing a campaign against Shellenberger in order to ultimately force him to relinquish the chairmanship of the Board so that Shaub could reassume that position.

Heinke also states that "the Lancaster Newspapers published accusations against [Heinke] regarding his ... alleged role in selling the Conestoga View Nursing Home. The accusations were absolutely false...."

Contrary to what the monopoly newspapers lead the public to believe, the findings of the report of August 8, 2007 by the grand jury which was convened to investigate "...the hiring of Gary Heinke..." suggests that no law was broken by Heinke or the commissioners.

Columnist Misses the Point
re Electronic Voting

The column by Helen Colwell Adams in the September 9th Sunday News entitled "Electronic voting doesn't get everyone�s vote" completely ignores the main reason for insisting that all voting machines, electronic or otherwise, be equipped with verifiable paper trails. If each vote is not verified by the voter and is not tallied on paper, there is no way to obtain a recount. Thus voting machines can be rigged to provide false outcomes. And there are plenty of circumstances of wild variations between polls and voting results to believe this has already been taking place in other parts of the country.

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High Group to Benefit from $2 Million Fed Grant

According to the Sept. 14th New Era, Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Casey announced that $2 million toward improvements for the Route 30 and Harrisburg Pike intersection have been included in the Senate Transportation appropriation bill. Ben Bamford, development manager for High Real Estate, is quoted: "It is encouraging. I think the senators understand what we�re faced with with the breadth of this project."

It may be "encouraging" to High
Realty, but it is discouraging for taxpayers who don't happen to be in that charmed circle and who have to pay the $2 million.

Consider this still another victory for the powerful Lancaster elite.

Center Contract Extends Beyond 10 Years;
Management Firm Would "Consider Modifications"
NewsLanc: Would Interstate Hotels and Resorts, Inc. (IHR) be willing to discuss modifications of the contracts after September 15 when the LCCCA Board is reconstituted, considering the majority of members would so desire? IHR: "IHR is always available to meet with our clients to discuss elements of contracts that may need clarification or to consider proposed modifications. Decisions regarding such modifications are made on a case by case basis."
Intell Editorial Gets Totaro / Dubbs Half Right

Give the editors of the Intelligencer Journal some credit. They ran an editorial on Sept. 17th entitled "True confessions" and ever-so-gently criticized District Attorney and county judge candidate Donald Totaro for his ten month delay in getting around to confirming the confession of serial rapist Wilbur Cyrus Brown II. Two weeks later, Charles "Ted" Dubbs was released from prison after serving six years for two sex crimes he did not commit. But note the timidity of how the Intell editors put it: "Although the district attorney's office deserves credit for its diligence to see justice done, questions persist about the length of time it took from Brown's initial confession in November until Dubbs was freed in September."

"Although the district attorney�s office deserves credit for its diligence to see justice done..." Give us a break!
Apparently Dubbs didn't have influential friends so Totaro didn't give a damn. It took court prodding and three-quarters of a year before Totaro bothered to even have Brown interviewed. Meanwhile Dubbs remained in prison.

"Justice delayed is justice denied." A district attorney should be guided by that credo, let alone someone who seeks to be elected judge.