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What Washington D. C. and Lancaster have in common
The New York Times review of Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason" states:

"Mr. Gore's central argument is that 'reason, logic and truth seem to play a sharply diminished role in the way America now makes important decisions' and that the country's public discourse has become 'less focused and clear, less reasoned.'

"This volume moves beyond its criticisms of the Bush administration to diagnose the ailing condition of America as a participatory democracy � low voter turnout, rampant voter cynicism, an often ill-informed electorate, political campaigns dominated by 30-second television ads, and an increasingly conglomerate-controlled media landscape…" (Emphasis added).

National polls show that about 75% of the public have lost confidence in the current mendacious, ideological, corrupt and incompetent national administration. And yet very few of us here in Lancaster are prepared to recognize similar traits in our own corporate establishment. Instead, we have
allowed ourselves to be hoodwinked and our real heroes to be pilloried.

There can be no better example than the manner whereby convention center backers avoided and distorted facts and, with the assistance of the district attorney, defamed the county commissioners, in order to push through an unfeasible $200 million project, almost totally funded or guaranteed by taxpayers.

The fault is not just with George Bush; or with the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers, Dale High, Gib Armstrong and others. The fault is also with us, the public who prefer to spend our time being entertained rather than insisting that we be informed. And, even when we know better, in Lancaster we seek to "get along" rather than to speak out. may soon publish revelations of extraordinary abuse of the public trust on the Lancaster scene. The public will again be put to the test as to whether we will simply ignore factual information or put something of ourselves at risk . . . by speaking truth to power!
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The Watchdog:

BIAS: In a May 24 New Era article titled, "Shortage of funding to delay streetcars," it was reported that an F&M Center for Opinion Research survey "of more than 400 people within a 20-mile radius of the proposed line showed overwhelmingly that people felt a streetcar would improve transportation between downtown destinations, would encourage more people to visit downtown, would stimulate economic growth and reduce traffic congestion."

WATCHDOG: When a reporter requested a copy of the survey from "The Lancaster Campaign," she was advised that the data had not yet been received, was eagerly awaited, and would soon be forthcoming!

In short, still another example of the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers' disdain for facts and reporting whatever suits their purpose.
A good man sets a bad precedent

Art Morris is disinclined to be paid a salary for performing the important, time consuming and arduous task of Chairman / Chief Executive Officer of the Convention Center Authority.

After debating the matter at length, our nation's founding fathers decided that officials should be compensated, be they rich or poor. Payment makes it clear that our leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to the public. And payment enables talented people who are not independently wealthy to hold high positions.

When so inclined, wealthy leaders donate their pay to charity. But they accept it!

Art: Take the pay. If you don't need it, donate it to We'll put it to good use!

Don't just blame the monopoly newspapers, blame ourselves!

A prominent reporter with the monopoly Lancaster Newspapers who covered Convention Center issues recently inquired how he could obtain a copy of the PKF Feasibility Report of March 2006!

The point here: The newspapers' editors and reporters neither studied the PKF report -- the only real feasibility study and most important factual information ever generated about the project -- nor was a copy retained in
their mammoth data base. The editors and reporters studiously avoided reporting the PKF study because it was counter to the interest of ownership.

In short, the Convention Center is a manifestation on the local level of the same national dysfunction that brought us Iraq…a failure of the media to do their job… and of the public to give a d--n.

104 days left until county
appointees become majority on
Convention Center Board.